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How Charities Can Decrease Administration Through Billycart

Recurring charity donations

For many charities, ongoing donations are an essential part of charity revenue. For most charities, paying late fees to companies for missed donations and following up donors can be a major business administration expense.

On the other hand, some smaller charities can't utilise ongoing payments from donors because of the large expenses often associated with ongoing payments.

Billycart puts and end to this.

In order to help those in need, charities need donations, but with low resourcing, the processing and following up these donors can become an issue. Then there's the additional issue of many platforms charging the charity for missed payments from donors.

So what are the wins for charities in using Billycart?

Win one: Reduce the human admin

In your charity, do you have people who dedicate time to following up missed donations through phone calls, personal emails and texts? If you do, this doesn't need to be the case. Billycart is successfully turning 99% of failed payments into successful ones within the first 72 hours through our cleaver automation.

Win two: Avoid the fees

Payment providers charge late fees, usually with no option to opt out. Depending on who you are currently using, that late fee will either go to the charity or to the customer, when it comes to donations, both of those options are less than ideal. Billycart gives you the power when it comes to late fees, you can choose not to give late fees at all, or you can choose the late fee you set and that money will go directly to you.

Win three: Reporting visibility

Billycart offers clear and easy-to-interpret reporting dashboards. You can easily see your upcoming donations, any failed donations and successful payments.

Sign up to Billycart today and receive your first two months completely free.

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Damian Joyce
Written by the great

Damian Joyce

May 31, 2022

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