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Key Dates To Nod To This Year On Social Media

social media dates to celebrate

We all know social media is king for businesses. Social media has given small businesses so many opportunities in the past few years, from Instagram being the new shop front to viral Tiktok videos producing thousands of orders, there's not denying the importance of social media. There are a number of key dates in the calendar that are worth noting and celebrating with your audience, some of them might promote sales, others are to show your social consciousness. We aren't recommending that you turn your social feed into an entire list of days to celebrate, but it is important to acknowledge some key dates, particularly those that align with your business.

Some general dates to celebrate

Your businesses birthday

If you're often client facing, perhaps even your birthday

If your business is specifically working out of your city or town, any significant dates in your area

Dates to celebrate to promote sales

Black Friday Last Friday of November

Cyber Monday Last Monday of November

Small Business Saturday Last Saturday of November

Boxing Day 26 December

Valentines Day 14 February

Mothers Day First Sunday of May

Fathers Day First Sunday of September

Grandparents Day Last Sunday of October

Days to celebrate to show your social conscious

International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOBIT) 17th May

Pride month June

Black History Month October

International Women's Day 8 March

Women's history month March

Indigenous Peoples Day 9 August

Earth Day 22nd April

World mental health day 10 October

World Ocean Day 8 June

Nelson Mandela Day 18 July

General days to celebrate

St Patrick's Day 17 March

Easter period

Summer solstice 12 June

Winter solstice 21 December

Christmas 25 December

Hanukkah begins 18 December

Halloween 31 October

Diwali 24 October

Eid 2-3 May

Celebrating key dates are a great way to beef up your social calendar, show that your company cares about certain social issues or to increase sales around certain dates. We recommend looking up key dates that align with your business, search for key dates that relate to your industry and post about them. It might not just mean one post on the day either, these dates can form social media campaigns for a week or a month leading up to them. The choice is yours! But our top tip, don't over do it. There truly is a day for everything and your entire calendar could quickly become a day of celebration for everything and anything.

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May 31, 2022

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