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Powering Thriving Businesses and Happy Customers

Billycart is a payment management platform enabling you to send digital payment agreements to customers. Both you and your customers are equipped with more control, flexibility and transparency.

Billycart payments

We are here to help your business succeed

It’s time to stop chasing payments and start building relationships. Billycart supports your business through healthy customer relationships built on transparency, reliability and exceptional value.

We're an official Square partner

We've partnered with industry leader, Square as a preferred payment provider but we accept all other payment providers too.
They process the payments and we keep the payments coming, the communication flowing and the reporting visible.

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Meet our Team

We're a dedicated and driven global crew with a growing team of 40+, all led by these fantastic humans.

Simone Joyce

Simone Joyce


In between raising a handful of children, consuming multiple books at any one time, and building a global finance company from the ground up, you may find Simone elbow deep in a thrift shop's vintage Murano glass collection.

With an infectious passion for inclusive banking products and financial innovation, Simone's knowledge and working understanding of global fintech has been sought after by the likes of major banks, top tier corporations, and federal organizations.

Whether it’s trade missions, poke bowl selection, business mentoring or school shoe shopping for eight individually sized feet, Simone does it all. Team Billycart relies on her refined elegance, all whilst wrangling an office full of energetic forward-thinkers into a boardroom.

Grant Benvenuti

Grant Benvenuti


Ask Grant to tell you about his Tesla and you won't learn a whole lot. Ask Grant to tell you about the endless pursuit of five nines, and you’ll have a deep and meaningful conversation. Show a genuine interest and maybe, if you’re lucky, a friendship rooted in tables, percentages and zero data loss can blossom.

Grant is our rowing-machine owning, two lad parenting, quick snipper of lawns, Star Wars-loving, and most importantly, Billycart’s Godfather of Code.

And as can be seen here, the back of Grant's head is simply wonderful. Wonderfully filled with global payments knowledge.

Jonathan Grant

Jonathan Grant


Billycart’s Head of Revenue and former wheelman Jonathan “Jono” Grant is as at home on the fairway as he is in the boardroom. Two lies and a truth: (1) his spreadsheet skills inspired Russell Crowe’s character in A Beautiful Mind, (2) his uncanny ability to forecast quarterly results has been commissioned for fortune cookie-writing for both Interpol and The Pentagon, and (3) he’s a first time dad and dog haver.

If you guessed that 3 was true – good on you. Jono knows the importance of getting to the facts, as he balances the need for generating revenue whilst meeting and consistently exceeding customers needs and expectations.

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