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5 Ways Subscription Services Are Transforming Businesses

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It's no secret that subscription services are growing, from streaming to toilet paper to gym membership. It seems almost anything can become a subscription... and well, in many cases, it can. Subscription services offer businesses guaranteed revenue, they're a great way to offer your business stability and scalability.

But how do they really help?

Customer satisfaction

Subscriptions offer a range of bonuses for customers, they offer convenience and often discounts to customers. Subscriptions are often 'on demand' and in a world where we can get what we want from our fingertips, that's exactly what customers are looking for.

Guaranteed income

Owning a small business can be financially stressful. Guaranteeing income in some capacity will give you stability and potentially opportunity to scale your business.

Customer loyalty

With subscriptions often comes loyalty. If you are offering a high quality service or product in your subscription and your customer has been subscribed for some time, the customer loyalty will come naturally. Adding things like referral codes if possible, gifts at key milestones like one year of being subscribed for example, will likely increase customer loyalty too.

Potential to earn more

You already know your customers love your product or service, that's why they're your customer. It's certainly worth considering what else these customers might need or want from your business. Consider cross selling additional items or services, increasing their subscription offering or moving them to a more premium offering. Subscription customers are loyal customers- test the waters.

Lower overheads

Having subscription based customers means lower overheads, particularly in your marketing from a retention standpoint. If your customers have been locked into a time based contract, you don't need to re-market your product to any customers that have already made a purchase.

Subscription services are here to stay, they're a powerful tool for businesses, small or large. Billycart helps business easily accept subscription fees in a way that's convenient to customers as well as businesses. Customers are given the opportunity to adjust the day of the week the money is taken from their account, which in turn minimises chances of missed payments. Billycart also gives businesses the ability to easily see financial reporting, keep their own late fees, set their own grace periods and easily communicate with their customers.

Try Billycart today and see how we're turning recurring bills into recurring delight.

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Brigitte Cooney
Written by the great

Brigitte Cooney

May 31, 2022

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