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Meet the Gay Strength Coach

The gay strength coach

How Cody from The Gay Strength Coach used Billycart as a Personal Trainer

Personal trainer, drag queen, hairstylist. 

It’s safe to say that Cody is a busy man, so it’s not surprising that he needs a quick and simple way to process his payments for his businesses. We recently chatted with Cody to understand how he manages his successful businesses across three different industries.

So first of all Cody, how would you describe your jobs? 

Hmmm, the best way to describe my jobs is that they are basically all my passions jammed into 7 days. I love working with people, and I get a unique combination of getting to help them get stronger and more confident in the gym, helping them with self-care in the salon, and keeping them entertained and happy when I’m working in drag. 

Tell us what a typical day looks like for you? 

My days vary! But usually, mid-week you’ll find me coaching clients early in the morning, then doing my own training, then heading to the salon to either help out or work on wigs. Sometimes I’ll have to finish at the gym, then go home to pack my bags, get into full hair and makeup to get to a gig for drag! On the weekends I’m generally spending the days at a drag brunch event and evenings at either gigs or being a social butterfly! Every day is always fast-paced, and there’s never much time to stop, but I love what I do. 

What was your journey to becoming a PT, who also does drag, and who is now training to be a hairstylist? 

It was a progression, all with the main goal of always doing what makes me happy. I started PT because I love training and helping people. After years of working as a PT, I had forgotten how happy being creative makes me feel. I always wanted to be a singer or dancer; unfortunately, I am not great at either. But then I discovered drag.

I absolutely loved it, but never thought it was something I could do. Eventually, I found myself practising makeup after my PT job. I got better at it and then got offered a job to prance around pretending I can sing to other people's songs! From there, I started working on wigs and fell in love with the process of being creative and making beautiful hair. 

That’s what introduced me to hair styling. I was teaching a good friend who owns a salon how to pick up some styling basics on wigs, and he offered me a job to pick up some skills with human hair! And here we are, I’m now a PT, drag queen and hairstylist. It’s chaos. But I always do whatever I love.

What are your biggest challenges in managing your time across three different businesses?

Well, the biggest challenge must be fitting everything in and making sure I do a great job at each job. So I’ve had to become an expert at time management and let me tell you, my ICal and Siri reminders have become my best friends. 

You use Billycart to help manage your time, how does it help your business?

Billycart makes my life and business a lot more simple. It handles the time-consuming, frustrating hurdles that come with having lots of clients and collecting money. I shoot off a payment plan, leave it, and they do the rest for me. Trust and believe, I would be very stressed without it! 

Cody is one of many personal trainers using Billycart to save time on administration and ensure he gets paid on time while keeping his clients happy. Join Billycart today and get your first two months free.

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Katie Norbury
Written by the great

Katie Norbury

May 31, 2022

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