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I'm a Personal Trainer, How Can Billycart Help Me?

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The fitness industry is loving Billycart, it's saving you time and keeping your clients happy.

But what is so great about it?

No one loves doing admin… right? But when you’re a personal trainer and especially if you're working for yourself, it can be a challenge to stay on top of your finances, admin and your busy training schedule. We want to help you spend less time chasing clients for payments and more time training them, after all that’s what you do best.

Billycart works to make recurring payments simple, which is a common issue for personal trainers. You have a busy schedule of recurring clients who need to pay you for your services but the administration of getting these payments can be a common pain point for personal trainers.

That’s where Billycart comes in.

Your clients love your services and want to pay you, but if you aren’t making it simple and convenient for them, it can cause frustration. Billycart aims to change that through simple payment agreements that give your clients flexibility and ease, making them even happier with your business. 

So, how does it work?

1. You decide how much your customers will be charged and for how long based on your offerings and contracts

2. You set your own late fees and we don’t keep a penny of it like most other payment systems. 

3. Some users allow grace periods, it’s your choice how long these are (or aren’t)

4. You set the recurring payment amount for your customer through your Billycart integration via Square

5. Your customer agrees to the amount. You’ve now entered a payment agreement together

6. It’s official, you’re up and running. Let Billycart do the hard work for you, your money show be flowing and your customers should be smiling

If you'd like to join Billycart, you can join for free for the first three months, join today.

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Billycart writer
Written by the great

Brigitte Cooney

May 31, 2022

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