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Recurring donations are a powerful tool for any charity, no matter the size.

recurring charity donations software

Working for or owning a non-profit has its own set of unique challenges; a smaller workforce, relying on volunteers and a desperate need for donations. At Billycart, we know recurring donations can be a lifeline for a number of charities. They create a form of reliable revenue which can be a challenge to source in the charity space.

Recurring donations can be created in a completely flexible way to suit your donors. You have the ability to edit the frequency the money is donated (weekly, fortnightly, monthly), your donors can have the option of choosing the specific day the money leaves their account and you can choose how long the recurring plan goes for. Building out these offerings will improve your donor satisfaction and help retain long-term donors to improve the revenue in your charity, allowing you to do what matters, helping others.

Often, recurring donations can cause a headache, particularly when it comes to failed payment fees and customer communication. Most recurring payment platforms pass large late fees onto customers, which when the payment is a donation, is not going to be received well. Billycart changes this. With the Billycart payment platform, you have the ability to choose if you do or don't pass on late payment fees and the flexibility to choose the amount that they are. Billycart does not collect late fees, the business does. So if you choose to add a late fee, that amount will go directly to you.

Donations must have flexibility. They're an act of goodwill, they go beyond paying for a service or product and they deserve to be treated as such. Donations deserve specialised service but as a charity, time is low and so are resources. Processing recurring payments can be automated, that's why we created Billycart.

Billycart's clever technology automatically recovers failed payments without you having to lift a finger. We offer Grace Periods, to help automatically recover payments rather than stinging generous donors with late fees. We know that life happens, and it's normal for payments to fail from time to time. Your donors don't need to be punished for a late payment, they need to be encouraged to make the payment a successful one.

We offer Billycart at a low monthly fee with a discount for non-profits. If you'd like to try Billycart, you can sign up here.

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Brigitte Cooney Billycart writer
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Brigitte Cooney

October 24, 2022

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