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So... What Is Billycart?

Billycart recurring payments

So you’ve heard Billycart is transforming the way businesses and customers exchange money but what does that mean exactly?

Billycart is turning recurring bills into recurring delight by giving business and customers freedom with their payments.

But how?

Billycart allows businesses to set up a Smart Payment Agreement™ with their customers while giving their customers flexibility to pay how it suits them.

Think about it…

You get paid on a Wednesday but every month, your phone bill comes out of your account on a Tuesday. Half the time you miss this payment because you don’t have enough in your account. This doesn’t mean you’re bad with your money, it just means the current system isn’t working for you.

Billycart changes this.

Using Billycart, your customer has the option to adjust the day their recurring payment leaves their account at a time and day that suits them. Meaning you’re more likely to be paid on time and your customer is left with a better experience.

The benefits don’t stop there…

Billycart operates at a fixed monthly fee for you as a business but you have the option to charge your customers a fee when they miss payments. This fee will go directly to your business. You can edit fees to cover the cost of your subscription to Billycart, edit your fees to be higher so your customers avoid missed payments, or not charge your customers at all. The choice is yours!

If you’re a Square user, Billycart integrates seamlessly with your account. You’ll be set up with a Billycart account in minutes and be ready to send your customers Smart Payment Agreements™.

Join Billycart today and get the first three months completely free

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Damian Joyce

May 31, 2022

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