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I’m a business

Billycart is here to revolutionise payments for business. 

Our Smart Payment Agreements™ make the payment process a breeze.  

Simply set up a Smart Payment Agreement™ using one of our payment templates (or you can make your own) your customer will be notified of the agreement and accept, and you get paid. 

There’s a little more to it though, our clever automation means we can recover 99% of failed payments in the first 72 hours without you having to lift a finger. We also allow flexibility for your customers; they can easily adjust payment days to work for them to ensure successful payment too. 

And the best bit? We don’t make a dime from failed payments. You keep the failed payment fees.

Great Question! We've partnered with Square to make the process of setting up your accounts and payments as painless as possible, but are always happpy to chat options! Reach out today.

Click sign up in the top right-hand corner, follow the prompts and within a couple of minutes, you’ll be ready to turn recurring payments into recurring delight.

Only if you want to!

If you enjoy touching base with your customers, we’re certainly not going to get in the way of that. But with Billycart you can say goodbye to chasing customers up for payments (thanks to our smart automation), and instead build better, lasting relationships with them.

Ahh, our specialty.  

All fees are set and collected by your business. You are in complete control! You can also choose to pass on any fees charged to you by Square (like card processing percentages), or absorb that yourself. In short, the fees your customers might be hit with are completely up to you and kept by you, not Billycart. 

No, but that is something we’re great at. 

Billycart can be used to create a range of payment agreements from one off payments, paying in increments or even to pay an initial deposit. This is all thanks to our Smart Payment Agreements™.  

I’m a paying customer

Ever had a recurring payment, like a gym membership that comes out every Tuesday, but you get paid on Wednesdays? You’re good with money but in those final hours before payday, your account can look pretty barren. 

Billycart’s Smart Payment Agreements™ allow you to adjust the day a recurring payment leaves your bank account. You deserve a say too! 

Billycart is also quick to set up and easy to use. 

We handle everything digitally, from sending agreements through to exchange. Everything is entirely secure, and you have control over your payments; any changes updates, or modifications are tracked, visible, and adjustable by you.

You can check that quite easily:
Simply open your web browser and visit
‍Enter your four-digit pin (you made this yourself when you first signed agreed).
Scroll to the 'Next Payment' to view the date.

We love late fees as much as kids love brussels sprouts (not much). Unlike most payment companies, Billycart doesn’t make a dime from late fees, so we try to avoid them. We use clever automation to let you know your payment failed and give you time to pay the business you owe.  

We also offer grace periods, which in most cases is much less money than a late fee. This gives you a little more time to repay the amount you owe the business. 

Heck yeah you can!  

Well, by a couple of days. You can’t change it by a hundred days- that would be a bit too much, but we allow you to change it by a couple to best suit you (and your pay day). 

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